Publications, Studies, Posters and Abstracts

Utility of Liquid Biopsy in Diagnosis and Treatment Response in EGFR Mutant NSCLC Patients with Leptomeningeal Involvement
Validation of Target Selector Next Generation Sequencing Lung Panel for the Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA Alterations
Analytical validation of the Target Selector ctDNA platform featuring single copy detection sensitivity for clinically actionable EGFR, BRAF, and KRAS mutations
The Dynamic Range of Mutant Allele Fraction Detected in Patients with NSCLC: Clinical Experience Data and Clinical Implications
Demonstrated Clinical Utility of Target SelectorTM ctDNA Testing: Liquid Biopsy EGFR Mutation Detection Enabled Targeted Therapy Selection for Three Advanced NSCLC Patients
Clinical utility of circulating tumor cell (CTC) analysis using Target Selector™ in metastatic NSCLC chemotherapy patients (2018 IASLC-WCLC)
Analysis and monitoring CTCs and ctDNA in CSF demonstrates clinical concordance in tesevatinib treated NSCLC patients with LM (2018 IASLC WCLC Meeting)
Detecting an ALK Rearrangement via Liquid Biopsy Enabled a Targeted Therapy-based Approach for Treating a Patient with Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Clinical Utility of Plasma EGFR T790M Mutation Detection in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients According to RECIST Criteria
Clinical experience in ctDNA profiling of NSCLC 2000 cases using TargetSelector™ demonstrates high sensitivity (ASCO 2017)
Validation of PD-L1 Expression on Circulating Tumor Cells in Lung Cancer
Clinical evaluation of the utility of a liquid biopsy (Circulating tumoral cells and ctDNA) to determine the mutational profile (EGFR, KRAS, ALK, ROS1 and BRAF) in advanced NSCLC patients (ESMO 2016)
Detection of Aberrant ALK Expression from Circulating Tumor Cells for Accurate Monitoring of ALK Driven NSCLC
Clinical validation and utility of a liquid biopsy for non-small cell lung carcinoma utilizing CTCs and ctDNA to analyze ALK, ROS and EGFR status
Clinical Data in Over 1,500 Patients Across All Stages of Breast Cancer with Target Selector™ Circulating Tumor Cell Technology
Monitoring Breast Cancer Biomarkers from Circulating Tumor DNA using Target Selector NGS Breast Panel
Clinical Utility of Target Selector™ Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Testing in Tumor Marker Gene Amplification and Protein Expression in Metastatic Breast Cancer Management
Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Biomarker Evaluation from Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Utilizing the Target Selector™ Platform
Prospective characterization of HER2-positive circulating tumor cells in patients with HER2- negative metastatic breast cancer
Correlation of hormone receptor status between circulating tumor cells, primary tumor and metastasis in breast cancer patients
Mutational analysis of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer patients by targeted clonal sequencing (ASCO 2012)
Hematogenous Metastasis of Ovarian Cancer: Rethinking Mode of Spread
Detection of Potential Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition Cells in Localized Prostate Cancer
Validation of a Highly Sensitive TargetSelector™ ctDNA Assay for ESR1 Resistance Mutations Using an NGS Enrichment Strategy
Mutant-p53 Antibody Stains Cytokeratin Negative CTCs Enriched and Detected with a “Pan-CTC” Antibody Cocktail
Target Selector™ DNA EGFR Kit for Tissue Demonstrates High Sensitivity Without the Need for Macro-dissection
Validation of Highly Sensitive TargetSelector™ ctDNA Assays for EGFR, BRAF and KRAS Mutations (AACR 2018)
Microfluidic Assay Detects dMMR in Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) (Biomarkers Summit 2018)
ROS-1 Rearrangements in Circulating Tumor Cells
High Sensitivity Detection of Rare EGFR Mutations with ctDNA using Target-Selector Assays
Surrogate or Not: The Role for Cell Free Circulating DNA in Detecting EGFR Mutations Present in Tumor Tissue
Detection of discordant HER2 status by FISH in circulating tumor cells and disseminated tumor cells in early stage breast cancer using a microfluidic-based cell enrichment and extraction platform OncoCEETM (ASCO 2012)
Estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor immunocytochemistry staining in circulating tumor cells as compared to primary tumor or metastatic biopsy (ASCO 2012)
Detection of HER2 gene amplification in circulating tumor cells and disseminated tumor cells by fluorescence in situ hybridization using OncoCEETM (SABC 2011)
Estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor immunocytochemistry staining in circulating tumor cells as compared to primary tumor or metastatic biopsy (SABC 2011)
Detection of HER2 status of circulating tumor cells and disseminated tumor cells using a microfluidic platform (cell enrichment and extraction technology (CEE™) (ASCO 2011)
FISH-based determination of HER2 status in circulating tumor cells isolated with the microfluidic CEETM platform (AACR 2011)
Detection of circulating tumor cells and HER2 gene amplification status in breast cancer using a novel microfluidic platform (Cell Enrichment and Extraction Technology, CEETM)
FISH-Based Determination of HER2 status in Circulating Tumor Cells Isolated with the Microfluidic CEE™ Platform
Discordance in HER2 Gene Amplification in Circulating and Disseminated Tumor Cells in Patients with Operable Breast Cancer
Diagnosis of Leptomeningeal Metastasis (LM) through Identification of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
Highly Sensitive and Specific Detection of a Cytokeratin Positive and Negative Circulating Tumor Cells
TargetSelector™ CTC Technology Demonstrates Clinical Utility in Monitoring Treatment Response in Germ Cell Tumors (Testicular Cancer) (University of Minnesota)
Validation of the QuantStudio5 Instrument for Use in Biocept’s TargetSelector™ ctDNA Lung Cancer Assays (AACR-IASLC 2018)
Biocept’s Sample Collection for Tumor Cell Analysis Demonstrates Superior Performance (ASCO 2017)
A Concordance Study of the ArcherDx Reveal ctDNA 28 NGS Panel and Biocept’s Target-Selector™ Mutation Assay Using ctDNA Collected in Biocept’s CEE-sure Blood Collection Tube (AACR 2017)
The performance of a comprehensive CTC anti-body capture cocktail in the detection and phenotypic analysis of CTCs
Detection of EpCAM-negative and cytokeratin-negative circulating tumor cells in peripheral blood
Redefining CTCs: Detection of additional circulating tumor cells using an antibody capture cocktail and HER2 FISH (ASCO 2011)
Redefining CTCs: Detection of cytokeratin-negative circulating tumor cells (CTCs) (AACR 2011)
Fluorescence labeling of cytokeratin-negative circulating tumor cells in peripheral blood: A new paradigm for the study of cancer progression (AACR 2011)
Comparison of fluorescence in situ hybridization of estrogen receptor genetic locus with protein expression in invasive breast carcinoma
Detection of EpCAM-negative and Cytokeratin-negative Circulating Tumor Cells in Peripheral Blood (TriCon 2011)
Efficient Capture of Suspended Tumor Cells with a Novel Immunocytochemical Microfluidic Device
CEE™ CELL ENRICHMENT AND EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY-Enabling Early, Non-invasive Isolation of Rare Cells for Diagnostics
Mouse Models for MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) Based Biomarker Discovery: A Novel CTC Mouse-Trap
Recovery of Circulating Tumor Cells in Urothelial Carcinoma Cell Lines Utilizing a Novel Antibody Based Microfluidic Cell Capture Technique
Efficient capture of circulating tumor cells with a novel immunocytochemical microfluidic device
A Novel Platform for Detection of CK+ and CK- CTCs
The CEE-Selector Assay: A tool for the identification of rare allele variants