Company Overview

At Biocept, we are dedicated to improving outcomes for cancer patients.

We focus on developing innovative diagnostic solutions that give patients and doctors the information they need—all from a simple blood test, known as a liquid biopsy.

Our experts have spent years working to change the way physicians look at blood in cancer patients.

We have developed a unique, patented methodology to isolate cancer material that is shed into the bloodstream, such as circulating tumor cells, (CTCs) and cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA).

Using our testing service to analyze and interrogate CTCs and ctDNA for certain biomarkers, physicians can be better informed about the actionable molecular information associated with a patient’s cancer. Because we use a simple blood sample, this molecular information can be obtained non-invasively and more rapidly than a tissue biopsy.

Additionally, in patients previously diagnosed with cancer, our liquid biopsy tests offer a solution when a tissue biopsy is insufficient or not possible. Using our proprietary liquid biopsy testing service, physicians can obtain information they need to develop a personalized cancer treatment plan for their patients—all from a simple blood test.

Biocept’s services are available to medical and surgical oncologists, pathologists, hospitals, cancer centers, universities, and pharmaceutical and clinical researchers. Our liquid biopsies have been used by doctors in thousands of patient cases. We partner with industry leaders and major cancer centers, continually advancing the field of cancer diagnostics.

Business Development, Clinical Trial, and Biopharmaceutical Services

Biocept is dedicated to supporting its partners, collaborators and clients with our unique Target Selector™ CTC and ctDNA technology platforms for rare event detection and genetic characterization. Our CLIA-licensed and CAP-accredited laboratory combines a highly trained professional staff who are experienced in liquid biopsy assay development with innovative instrumentation for optimal test results and quality control.

Our Target Selector platforms provide flexibility for developing liquid biopsy assays with unique requirements for our pharma or biotechnology partners. This development can be performed in our CLIA laboratory. We focus on providing high-level, personalized service to our clients, addressing critical questions of interest to them including:

  • Assay development
  • Patient population profiling
  • Determination of patient eligibility/stratification for clinical trials
  • Measuring efficacy endpoints
  • Correlative science studies

Licenses and Certifications

Biocept is fully approved, licensed and accredited by the states of California, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island; CLIA, and Medicare/Medicaid and CAP.

We strictly adhere to all HIPAA Policies and Procedures designed to prevent violations by our Company and our employees.

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