Order a Test

If you require a test kit and requisition to send a patient’s sample, please contact Customer Service for assistance at 888-332-7729 or email us at customerservice@biocept.com.
Biocept’s Test Requisitions are also available for you to download and print.

Download Test Requisition Form
If you need to order Biocept Liquid Biopsy Kit supplies, please contact Customer Service for assistance at 888-332-7729 or email us at customerservice@biocept.com
Sample Preparation for Shipping

1) Sample Collection
Using Biocept’s patented blood collection tubes provided in the Biocept kit, draw a sufficient amount of blood to completely fill at least 3 tubes of blood. Invert each tube 5 times. Label the tubes with the date of draw and include 2 patient identifiers.

2) Packaging
a) Place labeled blood collection tubes into the provided absorbent sleeve, place sleeve inside the provided biohazard bag and seal.
b) Wrap temperature pak around the bagged tubes, place inside the styrofoam cooler, and close lid. (Do not freeze or refrigerate temperature pak.)
c) Place requisition, insurance information and clinical data on top of styrofoam cooler and close the outer lid of the Biocept kits.

3) Shipping the sample
Place Biocept kit into FedEx Bag, and FedEx label onto the bag. Sample must be received within 96 hours from the time of collection.

4) Contact FedEx
Call Fed Ex for pick up no later than 3:00 PM, 800-463-3339 (When prompted for an account number, say “Representative.” Give the representative your phone number and address. Let them know you have a pre-paid label).

5) Notify
Contact Biocept Laboratories with tracking number information at 1-888-332-7729 or email CustomerService@biocept.com.

Download Shipping and Sample Preparation Form