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Order a Test

Order a Test and Supplies

If you require a test kit and requisition to send a patient’s sample, please contact Customer Service.

Tel: 888.332.7729
Fax: 877.300.1761

Test Requisitions

Biocept’s test requisition form must be included with each sample submitted.

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

Sample Preparation for Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Draw

Step 1: Ordering physician complete and sign the Biocept Test Requisition (including collection date and time of draw).
Step 2: Collect CSF in sterile tubes provided in lumbar puncture kit.
Step 3: Carefully pour the CSF into one or two CEE-Sure™ CSF collection tube(s). Tighten the screw top securely and invert each tube 5 times.
Step 4: Label the tubes with the collection date, time of draw, and include two patient identifiers.

Packaging Preparation for Shipping

Step 5: Call FedEx 800-463-3339 for a pick up no later than 2 hours prior to closing. (When prompted for an account number, say “Representative”. Give the representative your phone number and address. Let them know you have a pre-paid label).

Sample must be received within 96 hours from the time of collection.