Target Selector BRAF Mutation Test Kit*

for ctDNA and tissue

BRAF V600E Testing

This kit detects BRAF V600 mutations in DNA derived from blood plasma or FFPE tissue sections to give insight into cancer characteristics and provide Biomarker status of tumors such as melanoma.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Benefits of Biocept Target Selector Switch-Blocker Technology

  • Enrichment of cancer biomarker mutation BRAF V600E in a high wild-type background
  • Suppression of wild-type DNA amplification
  • Proofreading DNA Polymerase resulting in lower false positives
  • Avoids damaged DNA templates (such as deaminated cytosines)
  • Ultra-high sensitivity and specificity
  • Combination with Sanger sequencing for orthogonal verification of the enriched mutation
  • Detection of V600E as well as Wild-Type are quantitative

BRAF Switch blocker schematic showing switch sequence and potential mutations in template DNA spanning switch region.

ctDNA Performance

  • Sensitivity: 0.05% mutant allele fraction -single copy detection of mutant (~3pg DNA) in up to 14000 copies of wild-type DNA background
  • Specificity: >99%
  • Effective range of DNA input: 10pg-50ng DNA

FFPE DNA Performance

  • Eliminates need for macrodissection of FFPE tissue by enriching mutations and blocking wild-type DNA amplification
  • Sensitivity thresholds have been established to account for artifacts introduced by formaldehyde fixation
  • Mutant allele frequency below this cut-off is considered negative for the mutation
    • BRAF V600E cutoff: 0.46%
  • Specificity: >99%
  • Effective range of DNA input: 10pg-50ng DNA

These thresholds are provided as a guideline but every research facility/laboratory should establish their own thresholds based on their own criteria.

General Specifications

  • Stability: 1 year
  • Storage: 20°C

How the Target Selector BRAF Mutation Test Kit Works


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Target Selector Kits are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.