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Biocept is dedicated to supporting its partners, collaborators and clients with our unique Target Selector™ CTC and ctDNA technology platforms, related instrumentation and analytical capabilities for rare event detection and genetic characterization. Our CLIA-licensed and CAP-accredited laboratory combines a highly trained professional staff who are experienced in rare cell capture and analysis (CTCs, DTCs, and stem cells) with innovative instrumentation for optimal test results and quality control.

Our Target Selector™ CTC platform provides a great deal of flexibility for modifying rare cell capture and analysis methods for unique requirements. In this context, we also operate sophisticated translational and applied research laboratories that facilitate the development of assays for novel biomarkers in exploratory work. We focus on providing high-level, personalized service to our clients, addressing critical questions of interest to them. We can aid in assay development, patient population profiling, correlative science studies, determining patient eligibility/stratification for clinical trials and measuring efficacy endpoints including surrogates such as particular biomarkers.

We have experience working with pharmaceutical companies, major cancer centers, CROs, diagnostic firms and other testing laboratories on projects of various types. We bring creativity, customization, and responsiveness to all of our projects, seeking to best address our clients’ needs and help improve outcomes. We also have flexibility in designing and structuring projects. Biocept offers unique and patented technologies with the ability to change the cell capture, detection and testing protocols, including target biomarkers, seamlessly. Our technical team is very experienced in all aspects of rare cell and cell-free DNA research and testing, and our strengths allow us to deliver a collaborative and clinical-focused product that is aligned with our clients’ goals and interests.

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