Blood Collection Tube (BCT) for cfDNA and CTCs

As healthy and diseased tissue interact with the bloodstream, they release both cellular and genetic material into the circulation. These materials are referred to as “cell-free” DNA (cfDNA), and circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Conventional blood collection tubes contain only anti-coagulants, designed to prevent blood clotting. Over time, and without stabilization, nucleated blood cells lyse and release their genetic components into the blood. As a result, levels of cfDNA increase, which can prevent the detection and quantification of abnormal genetic material (i.e., circulating tumor DNA).

CEE-Sure BCT utilizes patented technology (Patent US9040255) that improves cell capture in a microchannel, inhibiting cell clumping and clogging of microfluidic devices. The blood collection tube is designed to prevent blood coagulation and preserve cells from lysing due to age or transport conditions. CEE-Sure allows for room temperature shipment of whole blood for nucleated cell isolation and cfDNA detection.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • Tube content stabilizes cellular and genetic content including cfDNA and CTCs
  • Ambient temperature stability – no cold pack or ice necessary for shipping
    Prevents blood coagulation
  • Clinically effective in thousands of tests as part of Laboratory Developed
  • Tests analyzing both cfDNA and CTCs

See the CEE-Sure BCT Difference

With CEE-Sure™ BCT (Left) and Without (Right)

With CEE-Sure™ BCT (Left) and Without (Right)


  • Tube Volume  8.0 mL nominal liquid capacity
  • Tube Type  Plastic
  • Shelf Life  18 months
  • Storage Temperature  18°C – 25°C
  • Shipping Temperature  15°C – 30°C
  • Specimen Stability  CTCs: Up to 4 days; Nucleic Acid: Up to 8 days
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Collection tubes are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.